Welcome to Veggiecommons!


Veggiecommons is a non-profit organization of volunteers who are interested in growing gardening, COMMUNITY, and … oh, yeah, food WHERE WE LIVE! Our work includes: installing and maintaining gardens; sharing knowledge about gardening/composting/food storage and preparation; offering fresh veggies/herbs at various neighborhood “farm stands” entirely based upon “the honor system”; and matching available plots of land (both publicly and privately owned) with people interested in gardening/farming on the land.

In short, we wish to join with neighbors in “learning by doing” to share what we have (land, know-how, labor) so that we’re able to meet more of our needs closer to where we live.

Please support us by spreading the word (joining the mailing list, too) … and, by helping to identify plots of land where a garden could be grown! Oh, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have.

In the meantime, meet us at our home on S. Pugh St. by watching an interview with Central PA Live. We look forward to meeting you!